December 22nd, 2010

God provided a little extra Christmas present this year (a few days early)…a total lunar eclipse!!  I’m not sure I have even ever seen one.  I had such an amazing day on Dec 20th I thought that I absolutely must make it a point to check out the eclipse…maybe this is how God puts a bow on top of the gift of a great day.  Total lunar eclipses are somewhat rare and the last time one occurred on winter solstice was in 1638!  I asked the boys if they wanted me to wake them up in the middle of the night to see it and they said yes.  I would have completely forgot and slept through it but Brielle apparently had heard us discussing it and she cried out at 1:15a.m. to wake us up.  I went in and got the boys up and they groggily came downstairs in their pajamas.  I put on a jacket and we went out on the front porch steps.  As I stood there with my bare feet, boxers and jacket holding Caden and Dacen’s hands we gazed up at the moon.  It was not what I expected…it was kind of a reddish brown version of the moon.  Dacen thought it looked like Mars.  Caden asked if in the southern hemisphere would they see a solar eclipse since it was summer solstice.  I was soaking up the moment of that winter night with my boys and the lunar eclipse when both boys said at the same time “I’m cold…can I go back inside”.  Well, I will remember that moment for a long time.

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November 20th, 2010

Caden has really taken off reading. He plows through chapter books like The Magic Treehouse and Encyclopedia Brown. But Dacen has really taken an interest in reading and is doing REALLY good for his age. The other night he wanted to read Hop On Pop to me. He did a fantastic job. After he read the page that says “Stop! Do not hop on Pop” he very casually described to me that, “when he has gloves on they call him Pat, but without gloves they call him Pop.” All of the times I read that I never noticed that Pat and Pop do look A LOT alike other than the gloves and the “Pop” belly!!

Are Pat and Pop related?

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October 15th, 2010

Caden has been playing soccer this fall and loves it.  Coach Gus is awesome and some of his best friends are on his team.  Its a hoot to watch their games and see them growing into better players.  One day, quite separate in time and space from soccer, Caden wondered out loud, “I don’t know why they call them shin guards.  I would have called them Protec-shin.”  Man, the stuff that kid comes up with just amazes me.

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Attitude at altitude

June 19th, 2010

We’ve been camping this week. San Luis valley for a few days then a few more in Buena Vista. After fishing at cottonwood lake and catching nothing I apologized to the boys. Caden said, “you don’t have to be sorry, I caught a fish but he got away”. Dacen added, “yeah, and I caught some seaweed”. I told them they had good attitudes at altitude. They naturally asked what altitude was. We explained that it was a measure of how high you are. We added that attitude is how you act (or your pitch in an aircraft).

During our hotdog dinner that evening Caden says, “if you have a high fart its an alti-toot.” He’s his papa’s boy!

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Bike ride

June 9th, 2010

Caden got a new (its used, but new to him) bike as he had completely out grown his old one.  The boys coaxed me into taking a 30 minute break from work and heading out for a ride around the neighborhood.  In that time and almost 5 miles we rode to Sunset golf course, Loomiller park (where a kid and his grandpa had just gotten a basket full of live fish they were taking to an injured pelican at a wildlife rehab place), Longmont High School (where batting practice was taking place), Alta park, Roosevelt park, Thompson park, Central Elementary and Lincoln park.  Here is a screen shot of our ride:

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Neighborhood pirate

June 9th, 2010


We went to the annual art walk event on Main Street a few weeks ago with the Tengwalls. As usual, it was a great event and the kids even got their picture taken with a VERY realistic pirate. Then just the other day we saw the pirate strolling down the middle of our street! Was he looking for his ship? Or maybe on a quest for some loot? Anyway, I’m wondering if he was part of the planned art walk festivities or just a piratized Don Quixote that lives in the ‘hood?

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Mr. Clean

May 29th, 2010


For a few years I’ve been wanting to shave my head but was afraid of what it would look like. Hair loss was not in my control however, and I was soon to become bald anyhow (I was about 75% there already). The neighbors threw a hair cutting party for their four year old daughter who has retinal cancer. If Anya was going to shave her head then I could too. Thanks for the courage Anya.

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Oh yeah, our blog

May 27th, 2010

Wow. Over a year since the last post. A lot has happened in a year…too much to catch up on. But armed with a sweet new Android phone loaded with a blogging app, perhaps I’ll post more often.

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God’s blanket

May 29th, 2009

The other day when I arrived home from work I was met at the door by my two favorite boys who were eager to tell me that the irises were blooming and that most of them were purple.  Since then we’ve noticed that there are a very large number of purple iris around town…actually a lot of different flowers that seem to be predominantly purple.  As we drove to church last night Caden noticed a yard with a rather large number of purple iris just a block from our house and made a comment about the large number of purple flowers around town.  I said, “God just felt we needed a lot of purple this year.”  I then told the kids that purple was a good color because its the color of royalty.  Caden was quick to ask, “what does royalty mean?”  We explained that purple was the color of kings and queens.  Caden said, “its like we got God’s blanket this year!”

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I’m a churcher

May 14th, 2009

As we were enjoying dinner together tonight we were each talking about our day.  Steph gave the run down of her day complete with diaper changes, laundry, cleaning, homemade granola (mmmm…I’m spoiled) and dinner.  Caden told us all about his day at school and playing at the park afterwards.  The boys always ask how my day at work was and so I usually try to keep it positive and simple.  When it was Dacen’s turn to share about his day he started asking questions instead.  “Are you a worker Papa?” he asked.  I nodded yes with spaghetti noodles dangling from my mouth.  “Are you a worker Caden?”.  Caden replied, “No I go to school”.  “Dacen continued around the table, “are you a worker Mama?”  Steph gave a simple “yes” as she was nursing Brielle, eating her salad and wiping up a bit of Caden’s milk that sloshed onto the table.  I had finished my mouthful of noodles and asked Dacen, “Are you a worker Dacen?”  In his low, matter of fact voice he said, “No, I’m a churcher!”

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