November 20th, 2010

Caden has really taken off reading. He plows through chapter books like The Magic Treehouse and Encyclopedia Brown. But Dacen has really taken an interest in reading and is doing REALLY good for his age. The other night he wanted to read Hop On Pop to me. He did a fantastic job. After he read the page that says “Stop! Do not hop on Pop” he very casually described to me that, “when he has gloves on they call him Pat, but without gloves they call him Pop.” All of the times I read that I never noticed that Pat and Pop do look A LOT alike other than the gloves and the “Pop” belly!!

Are Pat and Pop related?

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Attitude at altitude

June 19th, 2010

We’ve been camping this week. San Luis valley for a few days then a few more in Buena Vista. After fishing at cottonwood lake and catching nothing I apologized to the boys. Caden said, “you don’t have to be sorry, I caught a fish but he got away”. Dacen added, “yeah, and I caught some seaweed”. I told them they had good attitudes at altitude. They naturally asked what altitude was. We explained that it was a measure of how high you are. We added that attitude is how you act (or your pitch in an aircraft).

During our hotdog dinner that evening Caden says, “if you have a high fart its an alti-toot.” He’s his papa’s boy!

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God’s blanket

May 29th, 2009

The other day when I arrived home from work I was met at the door by my two favorite boys who were eager to tell me that the irises were blooming and that most of them were purple.  Since then we’ve noticed that there are a very large number of purple iris around town…actually a lot of different flowers that seem to be predominantly purple.  As we drove to church last night Caden noticed a yard with a rather large number of purple iris just a block from our house and made a comment about the large number of purple flowers around town.  I said, “God just felt we needed a lot of purple this year.”  I then told the kids that purple was a good color because its the color of royalty.  Caden was quick to ask, “what does royalty mean?”  We explained that purple was the color of kings and queens.  Caden said, “its like we got God’s blanket this year!”

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Pirate Tic Tac Toe

January 7th, 2009

Caden and Dacen can really crack us up.  We have this fun pop-up pirate book that teaches the kids all about pirate stuff.  I asked Caden what the black flag with skull and cross bones on Captain Jolly Pants’ ship was called.  He said in his best pirate voice, “The Jolly Rancher”.

The boys got a little wooden tic tac toe game for Christmas and have been having fun playing the game but also figuring out other things to do with the tiny pieces that can inflict major damage on unsuspecting bare feet.  Whenever Dacen wants to play he brings it over and in his sweet voice says, “Papa, pease pay tip tap toe with me.”

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Hear About the Dyslexic, Agnostic, Insomniac?

November 3rd, 2008

Caden is showing an interest in spelling and math.  Yesterday in the car we were doing some words and showed him how GOD was DOG spelled backwards.  Tonight as I was saying goodnight at bed time Caden says, “G-O-D spells dog backwards!”  I said, “Nice job Caden.  Do you know what D-O-G spells backwards?”  He quickly answered, “Jesus!”

By the way, the dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac would lay awake at night wondering if there really is a dog.

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Russian Mancala

February 6th, 2008

Caden got a mancala board and stones for his birthday.  For those not familiar, mancala is a very old game aparatus consisting of 2 rows of 6 small dishes usually carved out of wood.  At either end of the row are larger dishes which are the actual mancalas.  There are stones or flat marbles that are placed in the dishes and different games revolve around picking up and moving stones, ultimately trying to get more in your manacala than your opponent.  Its  very good game that requires tactics and strategy and Caden is suprisingly good at it.  It is currently one of the more requested games to be played (I do not miss Candy Land, Memory and War).  Dacen wants to play too…well, actually he just wants to play with the stones.  One Saturday during a game I looked at Dacen as he had a mouthful of the stones.  I scolded him and we continued play.  At the end of the game Caden and I realized we were one stone short.  After a quick search we turned up empty handed and when we asked Dacen where it was he pointed inside his mouth.  Yup…he swallowed it!  It took 3 days and several poop mining excursions for us to recover the stone.  And like a good game of Russian roulette, our mancala games now have a new level of tension as the players wonder if the stone they are picking up is the one that has traversed the small intestine of our smallest family member.

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Neither Hair Nor There

January 20th, 2008

It was past bedtime.  A typical Thursday night after church and Caden and I are winding down with a game of mancala before bed.  Part way through the game Caden stops and says, “God made everyone different.”  I complimented Caden on his knowledge of, and faith in, our Maker.  He continued, “Except some people have the same hair…like you and G-Dad have the same hair.”  He motioned a ring around his head and said, “You have hair here…”, then pointed to the top of his noggin, “…and no hair here.”  I chuckled and appreciated his description more than the typical description.  His conclusion was classic, “Its like you have a skin mohawk!”  You may have seen the shirts that say, “I’m not bald, its a solar panel for a sex machine.”  But I think Caden may have trumped that.

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Born To Be Wild

June 3rd, 2007

It was a beautiful evening tonight and the boys and I were out in the front yard.  Dacen was playing on the slide and I was pushing Caden in the swing.  A big, loud, flat black and rusted blazer with a lift kit pulled up to the stop sign in front of our house.  The distorted music from the stereo in the beastly vehicle was drowning out the voices of the two rough looking, high school passengers who were head banging to Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild.  After they drove away and the noise subsided, Caden said, “that wasn’t KLOVE…they should listen to KLOVE because it will teach them about Jesus!”

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Music To My Ears

May 24th, 2007

Tonight we took Caden and our niece Sidney to a drumming show in Greeley.  It was put on by this guy, Mike Sherpa, who runs a drumming school in northern Colorado called Headtalk.  Sherpa was the drum line director for, AAHS, my high school’s band.  He is extremely good and expects a lot from his students.  The result is a bunch of kids as young as elementary to college age who eat, sleep, and breath all things percussion.  It was a great show.  They had drum lines, stomp style (using garbage cans, stools, pots, pans, etc), Japanese taiko, african, latin styles and big band (they actually had a horn section that was really good).  These kids were amazing!!  The big show ending was Sing Sing Sing, a tribute to Gene Krupa.  Turns out Gene Krupa was good friends with Sherpa’s father.  They had 8 full drum sets on stage, a row of probably 20 toms and the full horn section.  It was a great piece.  Now, for the pont of this story.  We get back in the car and are driving away and Caden says, “wow, that was a lot of music for my two little ears!”  It was probably 2.5 hours of music and Caden sat very still and quiet.  I could tell he really liked it and had a lot to say about it during the long, late ride home.

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Mr. Long Term Memory

May 17th, 2007

Caden has a very good memory…at least long term memory. Every night at dinner Caden asks me how my day was. If after I give a brief reply I do not ask him how his day was he’ll instruct me to “ask how my day was, Papa.” I’ll ask him as though I came up with the question on my own, “How was your day Caden?” His standard reply is that his day was good. I’ll then ask, “what did you do today?” He either stares back with a blank expression clearly indicating he does not remember or he will answer with something that was done on a previous day or say that he did nothing. Now, to his credit, it was not until very recently that he realized that the day before his afternoon nap and the day after his afternoon nap were the same day. So when he gets up from his afternoon nap at 4:00 or 5:00 and then at 6:00 I ask him what he did today I’m not suprised he thinks he’s done nothing as he’s only a couple of hours into his “day”. But now he knows that there is only one day in a day, not two. So you may be concerned about his memory. But do not fear. Thie kid has an incredible long term memory. He remembers obscure things from the distant past. One day he asked me to tell him the story of my friend Kyle. I had told him the story once, a long time ago and probably only mentioned Kyle’s name once during the whole story. But for some reason Kyle stuck in that noggin of his. The other night as we were reading the book The Smallest Stegasorous I thought I would simplify the language a bit to help him out. I read “…a stegasorous family woke up.” Caden quickly corrected me, “its awoke papa.” Later in the book the little stegasorous encounters an ornatholestes. I put the emphasis on the 4th syllable when according to Caden it should be on the 3rd. Of course he can also tell you that Jonah was supposed to go to Ninevah but that he ran away to Tarshish instead. How he can remember those things and not remember that he went swimming, to music class or to the park just hours earlier is beyond me. But I do know that he is a smart kid with a good long term memory.

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