November 20th, 2010

Caden has really taken off reading. He plows through chapter books like The Magic Treehouse and Encyclopedia Brown. But Dacen has really taken an interest in reading and is doing REALLY good for his age. The other night he wanted to read Hop On Pop to me. He did a fantastic job. After he read the page that says “Stop! Do not hop on Pop” he very casually described to me that, “when he has gloves on they call him Pat, but without gloves they call him Pop.” All of the times I read that I never noticed that Pat and Pop do look A LOT alike other than the gloves and the “Pop” belly!!

Are Pat and Pop related?

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I’m a churcher

May 14th, 2009

As we were enjoying dinner together tonight we were each talking about our day.  Steph gave the run down of her day complete with diaper changes, laundry, cleaning, homemade granola (mmmm…I’m spoiled) and dinner.  Caden told us all about his day at school and playing at the park afterwards.  The boys always ask how my day at work was and so I usually try to keep it positive and simple.  When it was Dacen’s turn to share about his day he started asking questions instead.  “Are you a worker Papa?” he asked.  I nodded yes with spaghetti noodles dangling from my mouth.  “Are you a worker Caden?”.  Caden replied, “No I go to school”.  “Dacen continued around the table, “are you a worker Mama?”  Steph gave a simple “yes” as she was nursing Brielle, eating her salad and wiping up a bit of Caden’s milk that sloshed onto the table.  I had finished my mouthful of noodles and asked Dacen, “Are you a worker Dacen?”  In his low, matter of fact voice he said, “No, I’m a churcher!”

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Pirate Tic Tac Toe

January 7th, 2009

Caden and Dacen can really crack us up.  We have this fun pop-up pirate book that teaches the kids all about pirate stuff.  I asked Caden what the black flag with skull and cross bones on Captain Jolly Pants’ ship was called.  He said in his best pirate voice, “The Jolly Rancher”.

The boys got a little wooden tic tac toe game for Christmas and have been having fun playing the game but also figuring out other things to do with the tiny pieces that can inflict major damage on unsuspecting bare feet.  Whenever Dacen wants to play he brings it over and in his sweet voice says, “Papa, pease pay tip tap toe with me.”

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Big Boy Underwear

December 14th, 2008

Dacen has made huge progress the last few days on his potty training!  He is not a big fan of the pull-up diapers but loves to wear his big boy underwear.  Last night during prayer time it was Dacen’s turn to pray.  He thanked God for the usual things: bunk beds, poons and fokes (that’s spoons and forks in Dacenese), dying on the cross (unfortunately “dying on the” sounds exactly like damn), Caycay (Caden), Papa, Mama and baby.  But he added a new one too…”tank you fo big boy undawear…maybe too small fo me”.  We all had quite a big laugh…but I guess maybe we need to get him a bigger size.

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Somewhere over the rainbow

October 15th, 2008

We ate dinner at the famous Hillcrest restaurant in Las Vegas NM on our way home from our trip.  There is an old jukebox in there and each table has a little music selector box.  Both boys were very intrigued by it and wanted to push the buttons.  Being a pseudo antique we did not want the boys messing with it.  But Dacen kept asking if he could “push rainbow Papa?”  He was adamant about the rainbow and we had no idea what he was talking about.  So we broke down and said, “show us the rainbow Dacen”.  He points to the “U” button on the selector.  He does not know his letters yet but he knew that shape was an upside down rainbow!

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Russian Mancala

February 6th, 2008

Caden got a mancala board and stones for his birthday.  For those not familiar, mancala is a very old game aparatus consisting of 2 rows of 6 small dishes usually carved out of wood.  At either end of the row are larger dishes which are the actual mancalas.  There are stones or flat marbles that are placed in the dishes and different games revolve around picking up and moving stones, ultimately trying to get more in your manacala than your opponent.  Its  very good game that requires tactics and strategy and Caden is suprisingly good at it.  It is currently one of the more requested games to be played (I do not miss Candy Land, Memory and War).  Dacen wants to play too…well, actually he just wants to play with the stones.  One Saturday during a game I looked at Dacen as he had a mouthful of the stones.  I scolded him and we continued play.  At the end of the game Caden and I realized we were one stone short.  After a quick search we turned up empty handed and when we asked Dacen where it was he pointed inside his mouth.  Yup…he swallowed it!  It took 3 days and several poop mining excursions for us to recover the stone.  And like a good game of Russian roulette, our mancala games now have a new level of tension as the players wonder if the stone they are picking up is the one that has traversed the small intestine of our smallest family member.

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Stair Diving

May 18th, 2007

Dacen is our stunt man. The kid has no fear and thinks he can do everything big people do. At the pool he wants no help and would just walk into water over his head if we let him. He loves slides and will go down slides at the park that even Caden won’t go down. He’s mastered going up the stairs but thinks he can come down like a big boy, holding the railing (which is way over his head) and walking forward. He also likes to play on the first couple of stairs in our dining room. The other night he was on the first step and wanted to get something sitting on the floor…he bent over to pick it up and if he had the big head Caden does he would have fallen right on his head. Steph quickly ran over and caught him before he fell (and before he got what he was reaching for) and scolded him and tried to convey how dangerous that was. She moved both Dacen and the thing he was after to another location and came back to the table. Like a flash of lightning Dacen was back on the first step bending over. But this time there was nothing to grab…instead I think he recognized that this could be the next extreme sport of the future olympics…STAIR DIVING. Before we could stop him he made the dive and it was actually quite graceful. But, based on his reaction, I think he will be working on a different sport for now. I’m afraid someday (maybe more than once) we’ll have to go to the ER with Dacen.

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