Neither Hair Nor There

January 20th, 2008

It was past bedtime.  A typical Thursday night after church and Caden and I are winding down with a game of mancala before bed.  Part way through the game Caden stops and says, “God made everyone different.”  I complimented Caden on his knowledge of, and faith in, our Maker.  He continued, “Except some people have the same hair…like you and G-Dad have the same hair.”  He motioned a ring around his head and said, “You have hair here…”, then pointed to the top of his noggin, “…and no hair here.”  I chuckled and appreciated his description more than the typical description.  His conclusion was classic, “Its like you have a skin mohawk!”  You may have seen the shirts that say, “I’m not bald, its a solar panel for a sex machine.”  But I think Caden may have trumped that.

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