Biking in Winter

February 24th, 2008

Its still winter but here in the banana belt of Longmont the feel of spring is very near.  The weather has actually been pretty nice and so I have been thinking forward to this spring and summer when we will be hiking, swimming and biking as much as we can.  The last couple years I, the hemi powered cyclist that I am, have pulled the Burley trailer with both boys in it.  We like to be well prepared so we also load the trailer with diapers, wipes, cameras, changes of clothes, first aid kit, bike lock, pump, tools and spare tubes.  Steph also loads the trailer with several gallons of water per person, a sack of grapefruit, a bag of carrots and a tub of peanut butter for snacks.  While on our rides we would stop along the way to lay in the grass or throw rocks at the stream and inevitable the boys would each find some large sticks and rocks we had to take home…so onto the Burley they were loaded.  While out and about its usually convenient to stop at the farmers market to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies, then on to Walmart to get some toothpaste and a family size pack of toilet paper, and finally a stop at Home Depot for a bag of fertilizer and some top soil.  The ride home is a bit cramped for the boys and some fighting and whining usually ensues.  But when we get to “the big hill” Caden cheers me on yelling “go Papa go…go Papa go…” all the way up.   At the top my thighs are burning but its a good feeling.

But the boys are growing and the Burley is not.  So we have been watching craigslist for a tag-a-long bike for Caden.  Its a one wheeled bike that attaches to the back of an adult bike to make a sort of tandem bicycle…they are pretty nifty.  We managed to nab one that was hardly used for half the cost of a new one!!  This weekend we hooked it up and took it for a spin.  We hooked the tag-a-long to my bike and the Burley to Steph’s bike.  Steph loaded the Burley with a couple juice boxes, some rice cakes, one diaper, two wet wipes, a box of bandaids and the camera and off we went.

It was not a long ride and the breeze was a little nippy but getting out on the bikes in the middle of February was great.  Caden loved the tag-a-long and I think Dacen enjoyed having the Burley to himself (I think he also missed his brother a bit).  I love Colorado, I love Longmont, I love weekends and I love my family.

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Russian Mancala

February 6th, 2008

Caden got a mancala board and stones for his birthday.  For those not familiar, mancala is a very old game aparatus consisting of 2 rows of 6 small dishes usually carved out of wood.  At either end of the row are larger dishes which are the actual mancalas.  There are stones or flat marbles that are placed in the dishes and different games revolve around picking up and moving stones, ultimately trying to get more in your manacala than your opponent.  Its  very good game that requires tactics and strategy and Caden is suprisingly good at it.  It is currently one of the more requested games to be played (I do not miss Candy Land, Memory and War).  Dacen wants to play too…well, actually he just wants to play with the stones.  One Saturday during a game I looked at Dacen as he had a mouthful of the stones.  I scolded him and we continued play.  At the end of the game Caden and I realized we were one stone short.  After a quick search we turned up empty handed and when we asked Dacen where it was he pointed inside his mouth.  Yup…he swallowed it!  It took 3 days and several poop mining excursions for us to recover the stone.  And like a good game of Russian roulette, our mancala games now have a new level of tension as the players wonder if the stone they are picking up is the one that has traversed the small intestine of our smallest family member.

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