I made it

June 27th, 2008

Wow.  I did it.  I rode the entire week.  Day 2 I wasn’t sure if my swollen rear could handle it but I sucked it up and fought the pain.  I upgraded my seat and bought some of those oh-so-revealing bike shorts (they’ve got built in bum padding) and bought a bike computer…so I probably spent more during the week than a month of gas.  But those things will last way longer than a month.  The best part is, I think I’ll ride next week too!

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Bike To Work Day

June 20th, 2008

While Steph and I were on vacation in California I shared my desire to ride my bike to work more often.  Every year I set a goal to ride several days a week and plan to start by riding once a week and working my way up.  It always hurts so bad after the first day that it takes the whole week to recover and so I’m never interested in getting on the bike the next week and soon the summer is gone.  My new strategy is to just do it cold turkey.  I’m going to ride for a whole week…5 days…30 miles a day…150 miles for the week.  Next Wednesday is Bike to Work Day, so I might as well target next week.  I hope this works.

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A Week Sans Kids

June 19th, 2008

Freshly off her crutches, Steph and I headed out to California for a friend’s wedding and a little early anniversary trip to wine country.  But, get this…NO KIDS!!  Caden and Dacen went to Colorado Springs for the week while we slept in, talked during LONG dinners, did not listen to Veggie Tales in the car, played some card games and just enjoyed some time together.  Here are some pictures from the trip.

California June 2008

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