Cold, Dark and 2k

October 29th, 2008

I’ve reached the 2000 mile mark on my bike and still enjoying the ride.  The challenge right now is the morning cold.  Actually I’m amazed at how much heat I generate riding and how little insulation I actually need.  My coldest ride so far was 27 degrees…but it warms up during my ride.  My toes are the weak point and I’m trying to figure out how to keep them warmer.  This weekend the time changes and I’ll be riding home in the dark.  I’m anxious to see how all of my lights work.

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Somewhere over the rainbow

October 15th, 2008

We ate dinner at the famous Hillcrest restaurant in Las Vegas NM on our way home from our trip.  There is an old jukebox in there and each table has a little music selector box.  Both boys were very intrigued by it and wanted to push the buttons.  Being a pseudo antique we did not want the boys messing with it.  But Dacen kept asking if he could “push rainbow Papa?”  He was adamant about the rainbow and we had no idea what he was talking about.  So we broke down and said, “show us the rainbow Dacen”.  He points to the “U” button on the selector.  He does not know his letters yet but he knew that shape was an upside down rainbow!

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Southwestern Tour

October 14th, 2008

My Auntie Sis (pronounced Annie Sis) was turning 90 and her kids were having a surprise party for her in Alamogordo NM.  I had not seen her for a few years and thought it would be good to go.  Since its a long way we decided to make a several day trip out of it and hit a few different places along the way.  It was such an awesome trip.  We first spent an evening and morning in Albuquerque for the balloon fiesta.  We babysat for some friends while they took a balloon ride to celebrate a 30th birthday.

We then went to Alamogordo but stopped at Three River’s petroglyph site on the way.  The party for Auntie Sis was a success and we also got to play at the White Sands and the space museum.

Next stop was in Carlsbad where I gave the family a tour of Carlsbad Caverns.  The boys (and Steph) did great.  We walked for about 3 hours through the cave.  I only carried Dacen for a short bit.  We also got to see the bat flight which was absolutely incredible.  To top it off, the boys sat perfectly still and quiet for 40 minutes of the bat flight.

On our way home we spent a short time in Las Vegas NM.  Its actually a neat little town with some free hot springs just a few minutes away.

The kids traveled really well.  We had the DVD player in the car but used it sparingly.  Any time Caden wanted a movie and asked what we had I’d say “Watching Paint Dry, or The Joy of Digging Holes and Filling Them Up…”.  Near the end of the trip there was a little sibling conflict that crescendoed to Caden saying, “I don’t have to share…its mine.”  I had to put the kibosh on this quickly, “Caden” I said sternly “we are a family and we share things.  How would you feel if I didn’t share my movies with you?”  He said, “That’s ok, I don’t want to see Watching Paint Dry or the Joy of Digging Holes!”

Anyway, here are some pictures from the trip.

New Mexico 2008

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