No fooling…we are FIVE

April 1st, 2009

I should’ve known we were hours away from having a baby when Steph went to cleaning the house like wild woman.  But the house was spic and span including all of the window sills on March 31.  A seemingly Divine set of circumstances had caused me to reschedule our lease signing with the new tenants for the morning of April 1 instead of in the evening.  At about 4am on April 1 Steph was having contractions about 10 mins apart.  Being the trooper she is she toughed it out, sent me on my way to the townhouse, and called her mom to come to our house.  With the lease all signed and some loose ends tied at work she called me a little after 9am and told me to head home.  I picked her up at the house and we headed to the hospital.  Almost a perfect repeat of Dacen, we arrived at the hospital at 10am and Brielle Kaylynn Wach was born at 11:13am!!  Steph did it sans the epidural and only about 5 minutes worth of an IV pain killer because when she gets dilating, get ready because you only have a few minutes before the baby is born.  She was amazing and so is Brielle. 

Her first visitors were Caden, Dacen and Granna.  The boys think she is awesome and Caden can’t get enough of holding her.  Uncle Brian stopped by and so did Uncle Rob (Rob, his wife Rachel and their daughter Aislin are very good friends of ours from work and church…Rachel and Aislin are out of town so Rob was solo).  After dinner G-dad came by with Granna and the brothers.

God is sooooooo good!!!

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