Attitude at altitude

June 19th, 2010

We’ve been camping this week. San Luis valley for a few days then a few more in Buena Vista. After fishing at cottonwood lake and catching nothing I apologized to the boys. Caden said, “you don’t have to be sorry, I caught a fish but he got away”. Dacen added, “yeah, and I caught some seaweed”. I told them they had good attitudes at altitude. They naturally asked what altitude was. We explained that it was a measure of how high you are. We added that attitude is how you act (or your pitch in an aircraft).

During our hotdog dinner that evening Caden says, “if you have a high fart its an alti-toot.” He’s his papa’s boy!

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Bike ride

June 9th, 2010

Caden got a new (its used, but new to him) bike as he had completely out grown his old one.  The boys coaxed me into taking a 30 minute break from work and heading out for a ride around the neighborhood.  In that time and almost 5 miles we rode to Sunset golf course, Loomiller park (where a kid and his grandpa had just gotten a basket full of live fish they were taking to an injured pelican at a wildlife rehab place), Longmont High School (where batting practice was taking place), Alta park, Roosevelt park, Thompson park, Central Elementary and Lincoln park.  Here is a screen shot of our ride:

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Neighborhood pirate

June 9th, 2010


We went to the annual art walk event on Main Street a few weeks ago with the Tengwalls. As usual, it was a great event and the kids even got their picture taken with a VERY realistic pirate. Then just the other day we saw the pirate strolling down the middle of our street! Was he looking for his ship? Or maybe on a quest for some loot? Anyway, I’m wondering if he was part of the planned art walk festivities or just a piratized Don Quixote that lives in the ‘hood?

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