December 22nd, 2010

God provided a little extra Christmas present this year (a few days early)…a total lunar eclipse!!  I’m not sure I have even ever seen one.  I had such an amazing day on Dec 20th I thought that I absolutely must make it a point to check out the eclipse…maybe this is how God puts a bow on top of the gift of a great day.  Total lunar eclipses are somewhat rare and the last time one occurred on winter solstice was in 1638!  I asked the boys if they wanted me to wake them up in the middle of the night to see it and they said yes.  I would have completely forgot and slept through it but Brielle apparently had heard us discussing it and she cried out at 1:15a.m. to wake us up.  I went in and got the boys up and they groggily came downstairs in their pajamas.  I put on a jacket and we went out on the front porch steps.  As I stood there with my bare feet, boxers and jacket holding Caden and Dacen’s hands we gazed up at the moon.  It was not what I expected…it was kind of a reddish brown version of the moon.  Dacen thought it looked like Mars.  Caden asked if in the southern hemisphere would they see a solar eclipse since it was summer solstice.  I was soaking up the moment of that winter night with my boys and the lunar eclipse when both boys said at the same time “I’m cold…can I go back inside”.  Well, I will remember that moment for a long time.

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