Music To My Ears

May 24th, 2007

Tonight we took Caden and our niece Sidney to a drumming show in Greeley.  It was put on by this guy, Mike Sherpa, who runs a drumming school in northern Colorado called Headtalk.  Sherpa was the drum line director for, AAHS, my high school’s band.  He is extremely good and expects a lot from his students.  The result is a bunch of kids as young as elementary to college age who eat, sleep, and breath all things percussion.  It was a great show.  They had drum lines, stomp style (using garbage cans, stools, pots, pans, etc), Japanese taiko, african, latin styles and big band (they actually had a horn section that was really good).  These kids were amazing!!  The big show ending was Sing Sing Sing, a tribute to Gene Krupa.  Turns out Gene Krupa was good friends with Sherpa’s father.  They had 8 full drum sets on stage, a row of probably 20 toms and the full horn section.  It was a great piece.  Now, for the pont of this story.  We get back in the car and are driving away and Caden says, “wow, that was a lot of music for my two little ears!”  It was probably 2.5 hours of music and Caden sat very still and quiet.  I could tell he really liked it and had a lot to say about it during the long, late ride home.

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