Mr. Long Term Memory

May 17th, 2007

Caden has a very good memory…at least long term memory. Every night at dinner Caden asks me how my day was. If after I give a brief reply I do not ask him how his day was he’ll instruct me to “ask how my day was, Papa.” I’ll ask him as though I came up with the question on my own, “How was your day Caden?” His standard reply is that his day was good. I’ll then ask, “what did you do today?” He either stares back with a blank expression clearly indicating he does not remember or he will answer with something that was done on a previous day or say that he did nothing. Now, to his credit, it was not until very recently that he realized that the day before his afternoon nap and the day after his afternoon nap were the same day. So when he gets up from his afternoon nap at 4:00 or 5:00 and then at 6:00 I ask him what he did today I’m not suprised he thinks he’s done nothing as he’s only a couple of hours into his “day”. But now he knows that there is only one day in a day, not two. So you may be concerned about his memory. But do not fear. Thie kid has an incredible long term memory. He remembers obscure things from the distant past. One day he asked me to tell him the story of my friend Kyle. I had told him the story once, a long time ago and probably only mentioned Kyle’s name once during the whole story. But for some reason Kyle stuck in that noggin of his. The other night as we were reading the book The Smallest Stegasorous I thought I would simplify the language a bit to help him out. I read “…a stegasorous family woke up.” Caden quickly corrected me, “its awoke papa.” Later in the book the little stegasorous encounters an ornatholestes. I put the emphasis on the 4th syllable when according to Caden it should be on the 3rd. Of course he can also tell you that Jonah was supposed to go to Ninevah but that he ran away to Tarshish instead. How he can remember those things and not remember that he went swimming, to music class or to the park just hours earlier is beyond me. But I do know that he is a smart kid with a good long term memory.

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