I’m a churcher

May 14th, 2009

As we were enjoying dinner together tonight we were each talking about our day.  Steph gave the run down of her day complete with diaper changes, laundry, cleaning, homemade granola (mmmm…I’m spoiled) and dinner.  Caden told us all about his day at school and playing at the park afterwards.  The boys always ask how my day at work was and so I usually try to keep it positive and simple.  When it was Dacen’s turn to share about his day he started asking questions instead.  “Are you a worker Papa?” he asked.  I nodded yes with spaghetti noodles dangling from my mouth.  “Are you a worker Caden?”.  Caden replied, “No I go to school”.  “Dacen continued around the table, “are you a worker Mama?”  Steph gave a simple “yes” as she was nursing Brielle, eating her salad and wiping up a bit of Caden’s milk that sloshed onto the table.  I had finished my mouthful of noodles and asked Dacen, “Are you a worker Dacen?”  In his low, matter of fact voice he said, “No, I’m a churcher!”

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