God’s blanket

May 29th, 2009

The other day when I arrived home from work I was met at the door by my two favorite boys who were eager to tell me that the irises were blooming and that most of them were purple.  Since then we’ve noticed that there are a very large number of purple iris around town…actually a lot of different flowers that seem to be predominantly purple.  As we drove to church last night Caden noticed a yard with a rather large number of purple iris just a block from our house and made a comment about the large number of purple flowers around town.  I said, “God just felt we needed a lot of purple this year.”  I then told the kids that purple was a good color because its the color of royalty.  Caden was quick to ask, “what does royalty mean?”  We explained that purple was the color of kings and queens.  Caden said, “its like we got God’s blanket this year!”

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